Transit Safety

In the event of an emergency, please listen for announcements from your vehicle operator and follow the directions he or she gives.

Before boarding, please let passengers who are on the bus exit.

Please board and exit the bus one person at a time.

Remember to keep your feet, and any items, such as shopping bags, purses, or briefcases, out of the aisle so that other passengers may pass.

Please do not block the bus doors from opening or closing.

Anyone who sees a problem should immediately report it to the vehicle operator.

If you see suspicious behavior, do not confront the person(s) doing the behavior yourself. Please notify the driver immediately.

If you notice that a person leaves a package anywhere on the bus, do not disturb the package. Instead, please notify your driver immediately.

Make sure you have your emergency information and contact numbers with you at all times. Visit our Transit Watch page too.