Reading a Schedule

Each bus has a route number and a name, for example #12/Jessup. The front of each COLTS schedule lists major stops along the route, such as Mall at Steamtown.

Schedule top


Because of the large number of total stops in our system, only principal locations are listed. Locate the timepoint closest to your point of origin.

Across the top of the grid, from left to right, you will see locations such as "Blakely Street at Drinker Street" or "Center St. at George St." These locations correspond with arrival times in vertical rows underneath. PLEASE NOTE: The bus stops at points (marked by metal street signs) in between all of these timepoints.

Schedule Inside

In those vertical rows, you will see the arrival time at each of the locations listed.

Please remember that arrival times are approximate and could vary due to road and traffic conditions.

All COLTS schedules have maps on them that illustrate our routes.

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