Bike Racks

COLTS outfitted its entire fleet of buses in June 2013 with bike racks purchased with money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Each bike rack holds two bikes and is easy for our customers to use. (Stay tuned for a “How To” video coming in 2015!)

COLTS bike rack
COLTS bike rack image

There are NOT bike racks on COLTS’ smaller subcontracted buses, which serve the following routes:

46 Mall Circulator
82 Simpson/Carbondale/Route 6
83 Newton/Ransom
84 Chinchilla/Clarks Green/Justus
71 Evening City Circle North
72 Evening City Circle South

To use the bike rack:
First, signal to the bus driver to let him or her know that you are going to ride and want to use the bike rack. Make sure everything, such as water bottles and backpacks, are taken off of your bike before you place it on the rack. There are directions posted right on the bike rack. Push the rack in while pulling up on the handle to release, and then slowly lower the rack. Then, just lift your bike onto the rack closest to the bus, if both racks are open. You will lift your bike onto the bike rack from the back wheel to the front wheel.
Once it is sitting on the rack, take the spring-loaded J-hook and move it up to the top of the front wheel. Place it securely, wiggle the bike for a few seconds to make sure it stays put, and you’re all set! Board the bus, and when you’re arrive at your stop, tell the driver that you will be taking your bike down. Just move the spring-loaded J-hook down the front of the wheel, and lift your bike off of the rack. If there is not another bike on the rack, then carefully return it to its upright stowaway position by pulling on the handle and pushing on the rack while lifting it. Whether you bike to work, for fitness, or just for fun, you will be able get where you want to go without using a car!