ADA Service for People with Disabilities

All COLTS buses are fully accessible to people with disabilities.

All COLTS buses are equipped with a kneeling feature and a wheelchair lift or are low-floor buses with ramps for easy access.

Our drivers will provide any assistance you may need for a safe and comfortable ride.

Our drivers will secure mobility devices at a special area at the front of the bus.

Service animals who aid people with disabilities are allowed on COLTS buses. A service animal is defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act as: "any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability, including, but not limited to, guiding individuals with impaired vision, alerting individuals with impaired hearing to intruders or sounds, providing minimal protection or rescue work, pulling a wheelchair, or fetching dropped items." 

Emotional support animals are not considered service animals.

Passengers requesting reasonable modification should let their driver know or call COLTS at (570) 346-2061.

Reasonable Modifications Policy

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