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Price Effective July 1, 2013
COLTS Prices

Full Cash Fare $1.75
Half Cash/Reduced Fare .85
Senior Citizen’s Fare Free
Children’s Fare Free
Transfers .75
Half Fare Transfers .35
Day Pass $4
10-Ride Adult Pass $15.75
10-Ride Student Pass $7.85
31-Day Adult Pass $56
31-Day Student Pass $28
SEAT Ticket (one-way) $3.50
Monthly ADA Pass $112


$1.75 per one-way
Transfers are 75¢


Monthly, 10-ride and Day Passes are available. All passes are non-refundable.
31-day pass (unlimited rides): $56
31-day student pass: $28
10-ride pass: $15.75
10-ride student pass: $7.85
Day pass: $4


Reduced student passes are available to current students with valid student IDs.
You must show either student ID or other proof, such as a report card or class schedule, that you are in school.

Only one pass is available per student:
• 31-day student passes are $28
• 10-ride student passes are $7.85

Monthly passes are available at COLTS headquarters, at the main office of Scranton High School, and at the library of West Scranton High School.

McCann School of Business & Technology sells 31-day student passes through its Admissions Office.

The Albright Memorial Library on Vine Street, The Nancy Kay Holmes Branch at Green Ridge and Library Express at The Mall at Steamtown sell monthly student passes.


If you are 65 or older, you can ride the bus for FREE!
You can use your Medicare card, but COLTS recommends that you obtain a state Transit ID card.

Commonwealth Transit ID cards can be obtained at COLTS headquarters, located at 800 North South Road.

You should bring proof of age, which can include:
- armed forces discharge/separation papers
- baptismal certificate with church’s name and address
- birth certificate
- veteran’s universal Access ID card
- resident alien card
- PACE identification card
- passport/naturalization papers
- Pennsylvania photo ID card
- photo motor vehicle operator’s license
- statement of age from the United States Social Security Administration

The Pennsylvania lottery subsidizes free and reduced fare senior citizen transit.
For more information click here.


Children 45 inches and shorter may ride FREE of charge provided they are accompanied by an adult. The height will be determined by a marker located near the driver.


Transfers are available for 75¢when you are traveling more than one bus route. Half-fare transfers are 35¢. Ask your driver for a transfer when you board the bus and pay your fare. You should tell the driver which route you want to transfer to and ask the location where the transfer can be made.

Transfers are for use only in continuous direction (from point of origin to point of destination). Transfers are not good for a return trip on the same route, or on any other route returning to you point of origin. Transfers are good only for 90 minutes from the time of purchase and only on the date purchased. They cannot be used for discontinuous or return trips.

In accordance with COLTS transfer policy that took effect in 2002, transfers must be used within the date and time period allowed. Additionally, they must be used at points where routes cross or within two blocks of where routes cross.


COLTS riders can transfer to Luzerne County Transportation Authority’s system on the COLTS #28 Pittston route at Main and Broad Streets, on the #31 Old Forge route at Main and Orchard Streets, and on the #26 Mohegan Sun route.
The LCTA Pittston schedule can be found here.
The LCTA Old Forge schedule can be found here.
The LCTA Mohegan Sun schedule can be found here.
For more information about LCTA, click here. There is an LCTA bus that travels from the Wilkes-Barre Intermodal Center to Lackawanna Avenue on a daily basis. For more infomation, please visit the LCTA Web site.